• I'm not muslim/I don't wear hijab can I still buy?


Our overall goal is to answer peoples daily struggles by making them one step easier. Hoodjabs are made for, but not restricted to women who wear hijab.

  • What kind of shipping do you use?

We ship all U.S orders using priority mail via USPS

For international shipping we use both first class and priority mail

  • Will you be shipping word wide?

Yes, we ship world wide 

  • How long is shipping?

U.S shipping is 2-5 business days (Priority Mail)

International Shipping is 6-10 business days (International Priority Mail)

First Class international Shipping 7-21 business days

  • What is the head piece  material made of?

It is made of an elastic like jersey material to fit onto all head sizes. It is meant to be pulled over the head and adjusted to fit like a glove

  • When will my pre-order arrive?

Pre-orders made for our OG Brown and Black hoodjabs will ship out this fall before restock


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